Single Sessions

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Not sure if my 3 month coaching mentorship is a fit for you but are still interested in working with me?

I also offer single sessions, where we chat for 60-90 minutes and you receive one-on-one coaching from me. I help guide you to creating an action plan that will ground you and bring you peace. We overcome limiting beliefs and help you form a deep connection with your angel baby.


grief coaching, infant loss, infant loss awareness, life after loss, loss mom, spiritual health, modern mystic


What people are saying:

No one should lose a child. It’s the worst pain imaginable and I don’t wish it on anyone. If I had enemies, I wouldn’t even wish it upon my worst enemy. Unfortunately, it happens to so many people. I know the mother isn’t the only one who suffers after the death of a baby, but as a woman myself, I feel I can provide the most insight and guidance by focusing my work on assisting the mother. When the loss mom is feeling more peaceful, centered and grounded, I believe the health of the father and any other siblings benefits. So let’s start with you, mama.



It’s truly incredible how parents struggle with GUILT after the death of their baby. As if it was their fault. Before losing Teddy, I NEVER would have known that loss parents struggled with grief. It never would have crossed my mind that they had to fight feelings that it was their fault. It’s natural to feel this way, because as parents, we have a strong urge to protect our babies. We do everything we can to protect them and keep them safe. So in essence, the death of your baby feels like a failure.

Indeed, it is a huge injustice. But it’s NOT your fault.

If you’re constantly asking yourself “what if I had done ____” or “I should have _____”, then let’s chat. It’s time for you to truly KNOW with your whole being that you did everything you could. It’s time for this head knowledge that “it’s not my fault” to become known by your entire being…physically, spiritually and emotionally.


Email me at to schedule your single session. If you’re looking for a link for payment, you’ll find it here.

Invest in yourself. Honor yourself and the amazing mother that you are.