Peace In The Pain

My son, Teddy Oliver, died when he was 3 days old in April of 2018. I was completely lost, heartbroken, and depressed. I would stare out the window or gaze at the ceiling, overcome with feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, and despair.

What was the purpose of life? What was the point of anything?

But finally, after 5 months, something shifted. I went from feeling like I was at rock bottom to feeling the greatest sense of peace, I’d ever felt in my life. I felt connected to my baby in ways that brought so much comfort… I honestly didn’t think that would be possible again.

Now I feel so much peace. And I want you to know that it’s possible to feel peace again. It’s possible to find a sense of purpose after the death of your baby.

This coaching experience is for ANYONE who experiences the following:

Feeling hopeless.

Feeling guilty for the death of your baby.

Constantly questioning what you did or didn’t do (“did this cause him/her to die?! I forgot to do ____…what if that played a role in their death?!”).

Feeling depressed or “down” all the time.

Feeling confused on what your purpose is now that your baby is gone.

Life just overall feels really bleak.

This coaching experience is for ANYONE who wants the following:

To find peace again.

To stop feeling guilty and fighting feelings of guilt surrounding your baby’s death. To truly KNOW with your entire being that it wasn’t your fault.

You want a new lease on life.

You’re ready to live a more vibrant life.

You’re ready to discover that you have a purpose and uncover what that is.

You want to feel joyful again.


You are ready to feel more peaceful, more calm, and more connected with your angel baby.

I’m now accepting new clients. You will work closely with me for 3 months. Over this 3 month journey, you will receive:

Twelve one-hour phone calls with me (once a week).

Tailored guided meditations, practices, and tools to work through your specific triggers and challenges.

Access to me via email at any time of the day (I will return your email within 24 hours).

One 9-1-1 call.

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I’m ready when you are.

Email me at to schedule your free 30 minute consultation. If you’re looking for a link for payment, you’ll find that here!

You deserve to feel peaceful again. You deserve to feel light. You deserve to feel guilt-free around the death of your baby. Take a small step towards healing and the Universe will take a giant leap towards you and help facilitate your healing.


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